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Scarsdale Little League provides each coach/team with a bag of league-appropriate equipment.  Equipment bags are distributed to league coordinators at the beginning of each season and coaches are expected to take good care of equipment, which is re-used for a limited number of future seasons.  Each bag of equipment includes 4 batting helmets, 3 bases, 1-2 cases of league-appropriate baseballs, first aid kit and plenty of ice packs.  Catching equipment also is provided for leagues where children pitch.

Ball players are expected to have their own bats, baseball mitts and cleats.  Often, catchers find it better to have their own equipment to allow for proper fit.  Leg blocks are encouraged for catchers.

Each ball player is provided with a team jersey, pants, hat and socks.  Players are expected to wear full uniforms to each game. In the Spring, 2011 season, Scarsdale Little League transitioned to MLB minor league team names, which was well-received by kids and parents and will be continued in 2012.

We hope that uniforms will be distributed to coaches mid-March, depending on when team composition becomes final.  We typically start with younger grades first.  Your coach will communicate with you initially and distribute uniforms to ballplayers directly.  All players are expected to wear uniforms to the Opening Day Ceremony scheduled for April 14, 2012

Uniform Sizing
We have enhanced our website registration process this Spring by requesting sizing information for each child with the goal of providing proper-fitting uniforms.  While sizing will never be perfect, we feel it is better for parents to “guesstimate” size than us.  We changed equipment and uniform suppliers in Spring, 2012 and now have better control over our ordering and service.  Please see expected sizing information below in connection with the questions you will be asked during registration for your child.

General Uniform Sizing Guide
K, 1, 2 Regular tee-shirts
youth S 6/8, M 10/12,  L 12/14,  XL 18/20 
adult  S 34/36,  M 38/40,  L 42/44, XL  46/48,  2X 50/52

Pullup pants - youth waist- XS 20/22,  S 24/26, M 28/30, L 32/34, XL 36/38
Adult waist- S 28/30,  M 32/34,  L 36/38,  XL 40/42,  2X 44/46
Grades 3 & 4, Atlantic/Pacific, Junior League
2 button shirt- youth S 6/8, M10/12, L 14/16, XL 18/20
Youth shirt chest size in inches- S 25/27, M 28/30, L 31-33, XL 34/36
Adult-S 34/36, M 38/40, L 42/44, XL 46/48

Untrimmed belted pants-youth waist- S 21/23, M 24/26, L 27/29, XL 30/32
Adult waist- S 28/30, M 32/34, L 36/38, XL 40/42
Travel teams
2 button trimmed shirts- youth S 6/8, M 10/12, L 14/16, XL 18/20
Youth shirt chest size in inches - S 28/30, M 32/34, L 36/38, XL 40/42
Adult- S 34/36, M 38/40, L 42/44, XL 46/48

Trimmed pants youth waist- S 20/22, M 24/26, L 28/30, XL 32/34
Adult waist- S 28/29, M 30/32, L 34/36, XL 38/40

Uniform Donation - End of Season Collection
Since 2010, Scarsdale Little League, in partnership with the Double Play Foundation, has encouraged residents to donate unwanted or underused uniforms at collection points throughout town.  The Double Play Foundation has headed this wonderful concept and supplies underprivileged leagues in the Dominican Republic with this used equipment, which makes dreams come true for hundreds of children there each year.  

Please stay tuned for updates on this program towards the end of the season, when we will notify the community of collection points and remind all to participate.  To learn more about the Double Play Foundation, please visit: http://www.doubleplayfoundation.org/The_Double_Play_Foundation/About.html.  We truly appreciate your assistance with this worthy effort.

We learned in late February that bat manufacturers would not be able to fulfill bat orders before the April 14th Little League Opening Day placed at our planned March 3rd SLL/Miller's/Easton Bat Event which we reluctantly cancelled.  Significant new bat demand across American youth baseball to adopt the new “USABaseball” standard is overwhelming the ability of bat manufacturers to supply these new bats.  

As part of the transition to USA Baseball standards, SLL had planned to provide 1-2 of the new USA Baseball-marked bats in team bags for shared use.  Our order, placed weeks ago, is also unlikely to be fulfilled by Opening Day but will be available for use likely toward the end of April.

As a result of above and in an effort not to place an undue burden on families planning to purchase bats at our (cancelled) March 3rd event or until early Spring, SLL decided to DELAY THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE USA BASEBALL STANDARD UNTIL January 1, 2019 Players will be allowed to use USABaseball-stamped bats this season OR continue using their old bats.  This decision was made after discussions with our umpires and with other leagues and travel circuits in the Hudson Valley.

For those buying a new bat this season, we would suggest you refer to the bat resources just below.  With 2018 being a transition year for the adoption of the new bat standard, we would strongly suggest that any new bats purchased have the USABaseball marking which will be mandatory in the 2019 season.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jeffrey Johnson ( ) or Jason Yellin ( ).


Approved Bat List (by Manufacturer):  https://usabat.com/

Bat Buying Guide:  The bat choices and sizes can be dizzying.  Most manufacturers have buying guides available on the intranet as well as general bat buying/sizing guides.  Some examples: