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Description of Scarsdale Little League by Grade / Division

Scarsdale Little League currently is the largest youth athletic program in the Village of Scarsdale, with more than 1,000 children in grades K – 8 participating in the league’s Spring, Summer and Fall programs, and its recently introduced “Winter Workout” program for players in the 3rd – 8th grades.
The league is administered by a 15-member board of directors composed entirely of parent volunteers.  The full board and its various committees meet throughout the year and spend, collectively, thousands of hours each year designing and administering the league’s various divisions and developmental programs.  Each year, the board invites parent volunteers to manage the league’s many teams and to serve as coordinators responsible for all teams in a particular grade or division.  The board also retains a limited number of professional coaches each season to manage a number of more competitive travel teams organized by the league for the 10U-14U players.
The league has a broad mission, which includes serving all school-aged children in K - 8th grade who wish to play baseball and whose skills and focus range from the recreational level through the competitive travel level, where Scarsdale teams play teams of similar skill from other towns in Westchester.  The league’s goal is to continually improve these programs through analysis of our successes and failures each season, with particular reliance on feedback from grade coordinators, coaches and parents.  However, if there is a common goal that motivates all board members and parent volunteers, it is the desire to promote the development of baseball skills, emotional growth through a team baseball experience and, ultimately, a love of baseball itself.

We are pleased to announce that we have received approval from the Parks and Recreation Committee for a revised program structure for the Spring which is more in line with Little League International rules.


K - 3rd Grade Leagues 
Currently, the league’s Spring program, which is its primary season, is organized into single-grade leagues from K - 3rd grade.  Teams in the earlier grades (K – 3rd grade) begin by hitting off a tee and graduate to progressively more challenging pitching by parent coaches and the introduction, in 3rd grade, of limited pitching by players.  

Atlantic and Pacific Leagues:
The 4th, 5th and 6th grades (with 12 year olds as of April 30 who are in 7th grade and choose to play Atlantic) are organized into two leagues known as the Atlantic and Pacific Leagues.  Under the new program, our new Pacific League will include the majority of 5th graders and all 4th graders (some 6th graders new to baseball can elect to play in the Pacific League).  Year after year, our Pacific League receives top marks for a great baseball experience.  Under the new program, the new Atlantic League will include 7th graders who are 12 years old as of April 30th and who choose to play Atlantic, all 6th graders and less than half of the 5th grade based on tryout scores and coach ratings.  All players in 5th and 6th grade who wish to play in the more competitive Atlantic league or on a travel team MUST try out and will be assigned to an appropriate league based on their tryout results.  All tryouts for players in these grades have been extended to two (2) dates to make sure that all players receive a thorough evaluation and that a single tryout result does not determine placement.  In addition, tryouts are conducted by a 3rd party evaluator.  Travel teams for 5th and 6th graders each will consist of between 12 – 14 players selected based on tryout results.  All travel players in the 5th and 6th grades MUST play on an Atlantic League or Pacific League team in addition to their travel team.  Any player who does not try out on the tryout dates designated by the league’s Board will be assigned to the Pacific League.

Junior League:  7th and 8th Grades
Players in the 7th and 8th grades are assigned to the Junior League, which is an integrated league of all 7th and 8th grade players.  This is an exciting league since it represents the culmination of Scarsdale Little League baseball. Junior League will use the field dimensions of 75-feet bases and 52-feet pitching mound.  In addition, Junior League will play with (and teach) full leading and stealing, the balk rule and the checking of base runners.  Our intent is to help players to develop and refine the skills necessary to transition to true baseball rules -- essentially as played in Major League Baseball, except that Junior League field dimensions are slightly smaller than the majors and Junior League games typically run for 6 innings, rather than 9 innings, as typical in the majors.  

We will also field travel teams for players in these grades.  Each travel team will consist of 12 – 14 players.  All travel players in these grades are encouraged, but not required, to participate on a Junior League team as well.  All 7th and 8th grade players who wish to be considered for the 7th and 8th grade travel program MUST try out on the dates designated by the league’s Board.  Any player who does not try out on those dates will be assigned to the Junior League but will not participate in the travel program.

We expect Scarsdale Little League's travel program will field age-based teams at the 10U (i.e. 10 and under), 12U, 13U and 14U levels, all of which will be entered in age-based Westchester County travel leagues (WBA, D20) whose member teams are primarily from Southern Westchester.  Assignments to Scarsdale travel teams will occur after tryouts end and will be based on player birth dates and tryout results.  

We expect that many players will be placed on a travel team with players from their grade, but that will not be universally true.  In our experience, players grouped by skill will have a far better and more rewarding travel season than those grouped primarily by grade. 

Travel teams require a higher level of commitment than teams in our 'in-house' leagues.  Those who accept a spot on a travel team are expected to attend practices and games.  Those who have regular conflicts with travel practices or games should consult the league before registering for a travel team. 

As for the location of games, in past years, many travel teams from other towns have been club teams without reliable access to their town fields, so more games than usual have been played in Scarsdale.  We're not certain whether that will be true this year, but we expect that trend to continue.

Summer and Fall Programs
The league’s smaller though successful summer and fall programs are described elsewhere on this site.  Please refer to the tabs for “Summer Baseball” and “Fall Baseball” on this site for further information on those programs.

Questions?  scarsdalelittleleaguebaseball@gmail.com


Kindergarten:  T ball
Players placed randomly on teams following registration.  Teams are organized by elementary school.
1st Grade:  Coach Pitch
Players placed randomly on teams following registration.  Teams are organized by elementary school.
2nd Grade:  Coach Pitch
Players placed randomly on teams following registration.  Teams are organized by elementary school.  After season ends, players will be rated by their coaches and those ratings used in the next year's team placement to promote balanced teams. 
3rd Grade:  Coach/Kid Pitch
Players placed randomly on teams following registration.   After season ends, players will be rated by their coaches and those ratings used in the next year's team placement to promote balanced teams.  Teams are mixed and balanced across the five elementary schools.
Primarily 4-6th Grade: Two Divisions. Atlantic and Pacific 
If a player wants to play in the Atlantic division or on a travel team, he/she must attend tryouts and be selected by the league's independent evaluators.  Atlantic League includes all 6th grade players, some 5th grade players based on tryouts/coaches ratings) and 12 year old 7th graders (a/o 4/30).  Pacific League includes all 4th graders, 5th graders who did not tryout and 6th graders new to baseball. 

7th / 8th Grade: One Division - Junior League
This is a single in-house league with 7th and 8th grades combined.  In addition, players may try out for a travel team.  Travel team players are not required to participate in our in-house league (Junior League) but are encouraged to play.

Spring Travel Program
Scarsdale Little League expects to offer age-based teams--10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U--.  The objective is to offer more programs catered to the varying skills and levels of dedication of our players.